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Water scientist and biomedical engineer Gerald Pollack shares new information and ideas about simple things we can do to charge up our human cells faster than our cell phones. 

Joe from interviews Dr. Gerald Pollack on EZ water.

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Coming Soon! Dr. Ramaley's blue light blocking glasses

Dr. Ramaley will soon be selling his own brand of blue light blocking glasses. Sign up here to be notified when the product is ready. Until then, you can purchase them on Amazon.

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The Holman kit includes an at-home method for obtaining a blood spot sample, which is analyzed by Lipid Technologies using their precision proprietary method for high sensitivity blood-spot omega 3 analysis. This test identifies your complete fatty acid profile, specifically focusing on your omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acid levels.

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“In essence when we eat plants, we inherit or absorb their genetic information, so we in turn can express better health.”

~ Dr. Ramaley

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Studies have shown that maintaining a direct connection between your body and the earth's surface can be beneficial to your health. Check out earthing shoes here.

When you wake up from sleeping Grounded, you feel rejuvenated, recovered and refreshed. You also reduce your stress and cortisol levels while you're peacefully sleeping with Earthing sheets, mats, pads, blankets or bedding kits.

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